Civilization Beyond Earth: Info, Features and Reviews

The long wait agony has finally ended for the Sid Meier Civilization fans, when Civilization: Beyond Earth, or Civilization VI, has been finally released to PC gamers last October 24, 2014, while Mac user had to wait just a little bit and got the release on November 27, 2014. Primarily, it was expected to be released on early 2015 but they took us by surprise when they were being released earlier than the expected date, just right before 2014 ended.

There are mixed reviews regarding Firaxis Games’ latest futuristic Civilization franchise. Others say it is one of the best while others think it is disappointing, but we’ll get on that later.

Civilization 6 Screenshots

Find out the latest news on the upcoming Civilization 6 Screenshots (Gameplay, Cinematics or Game Art). This article contains some screenshots from all the Civilization series releases prior to Civilization 6. At this point, no official screenshots have been released regarding Civ 6. But you’ll be amongst the first to know when any Screenshots are released.