Civilization 6 Review

If you’re looking for a Civilization 6 Review, you might unfortunately be waiting for a while. As mentioned previously regarding the Civilization 6 Release Date, the sequel to the popular Sid Meier’s Civilization series should not be released before 2015 or so.

With the first expansion pack being released in June, 2012, entitled “Civilization V: Gods and Kings“, it is more than likely that the sequel to Civilization V will be released in November or December 2015.

However, to get you ready for its release and as a comparison, here are the reviews from the previous versions of Civilization.

Reviews from previous versions of Civilization

The scores given by MetaCritic

Civilization 6 ReviewHere are the scores obtained by the different versions of Civilization prior to Civilization 6. The scores have been given by MetaCritic. Metacritic gives a score (out of 100) based on opinions given by experts reviewers as well as a user score.

Civilization 5 Review

Metascore given by Metacritic based on 70 critics: 90 out of 100

User score given by users based on 660 ratings: 6.7 out of 10

Summary: Many critics gave Civilization 5 a perfect or near perfect score. Joystiq and gave them a score of 100 while other big online blogs gave them some great scores such as Game Informer (98), Game Focus (98), PC Gamer (93), Game Spot (90). In its review, Joystiq wrote that:

For a game so very, very large, it delivers everything in an easy to understand package no matter what route you take to playing it. The core Civilization experience is still there, but it’s like an efficiency expert came in and streamlined everything that had gotten clunky with the series. It’s a “friendly” strategy game.

1UP was the most critical towards Civ 5 by giving it a score of 50!  1UP mentioned:

Unfortunately, it also features some questionable design decisions, an A.I. that can’t play the game Firaxis has designed, and the need for a couple of patches.

Civilization 4 Review

Metascore given by Metacritic based on 50 critics: 94 out of 100

User score given by users based on 391 ratings: 7.8 out of 10

Summary: Thunderbolt, GamesRadar, Computer Game Magazine and Game Spy all gave Civ 4 a perfect score. Other well known online sites gave Civilization 4 a great score as well such as Game Informer (95), CPU Gamer (95), IGN (94), Gamesport (94) and PC Gamer (94). Gamespot wrote:

Fundamentally, this is a much-improved version of the same Civ games we’ve all been playing and desperately trying to put down for years. And that’s far from a bad thing. In fact, it’s an awesome thing.

There were not devastating critics towards Civilization 4 from expert reviewers or from the majority of gamers, the lowest critic score being 80 out of 100.

Civilization 3 Review

Metascore given by Metacritic based on 24 critics: 90 out of 100

User score given by users based on 80 ratings: 8.0 out of 10

Summary: Civilization 3 received once again a great Metascore from many online reviewers obtaining perfect scores from Computer Gaming World, Computer Games Magazine and near perfect score from IGN (93) and GameSpy (93).

Civilization 2 Review

Metascore given by Metacritic based on 7 critics: 94 out of 100

User score given by users based on 91 ratings: 9 out of 10

Summary: Civilization II is seen by many as one of the greatest game of all times. The design, the gameplay, the depth, everything was built to make you want to play… just another turn. Upon its launch, it received many great reviews from sites such as Yahoo! Games (100), PC Gamer (97), Gamespot (92) and Adrenaline Vault (90).

PC Gamer wrote in their magazine that Civ II was:

An immensely addictive and playable strategy game that’s the rightful heir to the Civilization crown.

Civilization 1 Review

Unfortunately, Metacritic was not launched back in 1991 when Civilization 1 was released and therefore they do not have any reviews for Civilization 1.

An estimate for Civilization 6 Review

Obviously it is impossible to predict how great a game will be before it is launched and that we know anything about the game. However, because of all the die-hard fans around the world and the fact that some of the greatest game designers in the world work for Firaxis, there’s a good chance that the Civilization 6 Review will receive a Metascore of 90 or better! Only time will tell…