Civilization 6 Screenshots

At the moment, no Civilization 6 Screenshots have been released and no gameplay screenshots or game art should be available before 2014 based on previous Screenshots releases. While you wait, you can still play the Civilization V: Gods and Kings expansion pack.

The technology has evolved so much over the last 20 years that it’s amazing to go back in time and see how it was back then! Back when the 1st game of the series was released: Sid Meier’s: Civilization. Back where it all started! Back to where the best video game series started!

You will find in this article different screenshots from the Civ series starting at Civilization 1 all the way up to Civilization 5.

Screenshots from Pre-Civilization 6 games

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Civilization 1 – 1991

Here are the Screenshots from the first ever Civilization game. Back when everything was in 2D. Seriously, 1991 never looked so long ago…


Civilization 2 – 1996

Civilization 2 created quite a revolution when it came out. Many video game experts believe that Civ 2 is one of the best video game that was ever created. It was the first Civ game to be in  3D.


Civilization 3 – 2001

Another great game. The graphics between Civ 2 to Civ 3 inproved significantly. The computers back in 2001 were able to support a lot more graphic rendering that their predecessors from the nineties.


Civilization 4 – 2005

Personally, I think that Civ4 might have been the one I played the most. I loved to play with the Religions, I love the culture and the influence. I love that it was a complex game that made me think about which strategy to use.


Civilization 5 – 2010

Civ 5 is the latest release in the Cvilization series. It is quite good but they decided in the beginning to remove Religions and Espionnage which made the game a lot more simple (and maybe too simple). But with the first expansion coming out soon: Civilization 5: Gods and Kings, the developers and bringing back the complexity of the game!


Note: All images are from CivFanatics and considering the images are from various users, it is impossible to give propre attribution of the pictures.

News on Civilization 6 Screenshots

Civilization 6 ScreenshotsAs we mentioned earlier no screenshots or even game arts have been published regarding Civilization 6. At this stage, it’s probably too early considering the Release Date for Civ 6 should be somewhere at the end of 2015.