Civilization 6 Trailer

Unfortunately, considering that the Civilization 6 Release Date or its development has not yet been announced, there are no trailers available at the moment for Civ 6.

As soon as a trailer becomes available, will be updated and the new video added right away.

All the trailers before the Civilization 6 Trailer

However, to put you in the mood for its release, here are a few of the trailers from the previous versions of Civilization.

Civilization 6 Trailer

Civilization V – Gods and Kings Expansion Launch Trailer

Here’s the launch trailer for the first expansion pack to be released for Sid Meier’s Civilization V. Entitled Civilization V: Gods and Kings, the expansion pack was released on June 19th, 2012.

Civilization V Debut Trailer

The latest published version of the Civ series, Civilization V was developed by Firaxis and published by 2K Games in September 2010 (for Windows) and in November 2010 (for Mac). Here’s the latest trailer that was published for any Civilization game.


Civilization IV Trailer

Civilization 4 was developed by Firaxis but published by 2K Games (for Windows) and Aspyr (for Mac). The Windows version was released in October 2005 and the Mac version was released in June 2006. Here’s the trailer for the first installment of Civilization that brought us Religions.

Civilization III Trailer

Civilization 3 was the first of the Civilization series to be developed and produced by Firaxis, the company created by Sid Meier after he left MicroProse. However, the game was not designed by Sid Meier but by two other game designers at his studio. It was officially released in October 2001. Here’s the first trailer to precede the launch of a video game from the Civilizations series.

Introduction to Civilization II

Also developed and published by MicroProse, Civilization 2 was released in February 1996. It was released on Windows, Mac and Playstation. Although the Internet was growing fast in the mid 90s, there were no trailers release for video games at that time, therefore, you can watch the intro to the famous Civ 2. The Civilization Reviews for Civ 2 were outstanding and it has been selected by many experts as one of the greatest video game of all time.

Introduction to Civilization I

Developed and published by MicroProse back in 1991, Civilization I is the first video game in the Civilization series. It was created by Sid Meier and Bruce Shelley. Both of them worked for MicroProse at the time. In 1991, there were no video game trailers, therefore, here’s the Introduction to Civ 1.

An history of Gameplay Trailers

Sometimes, it’s always good to go back to the classics to know where we’re going!

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