Civilization V: God and Kings

Dear Civilization fanatics: Rejoice! On June 19, 2012, the first expansion pack to the popular video game Civilization V, entitled “Civilization V: Gods and Kings”, was released in North America. It was released internationally three days later, on June 22, 2012.

The Gods and Kings expansion is currently on sale at either for the DVD version or for the Direct Download version.

This new expansion pack includes many new features and a few “comebacks” from previous versions of the Civilization series that will make all the die-hard civ fans a reason to come back to the game!

New add-ons in Civilization V: Gods and Kings

Civilization V - Gods and KingsDevelopers often keep some key features of a game for an expansion pack in order to be able to sell more copies of their expansions and thus, get more money!

Although it is hard to understand why they were left out in the first place, the new expansion marks the return of Religions and Espionage to the civilization series.

Many gamers were disappointed to see Religions and more complex Diplomacy be removed from the initial release of Civilization 5. Well, they must all be dancing as we speak!


Religions were a big and important feature in Civ 4. The system being added in the Gods and Kings expansion is somewhat different than the one that was being used in Civilization 4.

In Gods & Kings, Faith is a resource much like Culture, Food and Gold and it can be produced by Social Policies and Buildings.  When you’ve generated enough Faith, you can choose your own Belief and associated bonuses from a long list of different Beliefs. When a player selects a Belief, it becomes automatically unavailable to your opponents.

Beliefs can give you bonuses such as a +1 food from Desert tiles or +1 Faith from Hills.

Furthermore, Great Prophets are back in the game and can help you establish a proper religion which will give you two new Beleifs in addition to the Pantheon Belief.

Finally, you can spread your religion, across your cities and beyond, through missionaries !

The return of Religions to Civ 5 will certainly make happy everybody that complained about how Civ 5 lacked any strategic depth and how it was simplified to please a broader range of gamers. With so many different beliefs and religions added to the game, the new expansion will certainly add depth and more strategy to the game.


Sid Meier's - Civlization V  - Gods and Kings

The Espionage mechanic will become available to all players after they reach the Renaissance and the importance of Religions will decrease to let place to Espionage.

With it, your spies can acquire and steal new technologies, they can allow you to look at your opponent’s city management screen and give you some crucial information in times of war. When located in your own cities, spies can perform counter-surveillance and allow you to spot and kill enemy spies.

Other additions

Many other features have been added to Civilization V: Gods and Kings, including the following:

  1. 9 new playable civilizations.
    • Austria with Maria Theresa as the leader
    • Byzantium with Theodora as the leader
    • Carthage with Dido as the leader
    • Celtica with Boudicca as the leader
    • Ethiopia with Haile Selassie as the leader
    • Huns with Attila as the leader
    • Maya with Pacal as the leader
    • Netherlands with William I as the leader
    • Sweden with Gustavus Adolphus as the leader
  2. 27 new units including 9 unique units, from the new playable civilizations (Hussar, Dromon, African Forest Elephant, Pictish Warrior, Mehal Sefari, Horse Archer, Atratl, Sea Beggar, Hakkapeliita).
  3. 13 new buildings including some unique buildings such as the Coffee House for Austria and Ceilidh for Celtica.
  4. 9 new World Wonders.
  5. New Religious City-States which will affect your Faith in different ways.
  6. New Scenarios.
  7. The developers also mentioned that the combat and diplomacy features would be modified and improved.

While you wait for Civilization 6, make sure to grab your copy of Civilization V: Gods and Kings while it’s on sale at Amazon and grab either the DVD version or the Direct Download version.